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Stem Cell Therapy at SOBAJIMA Clinic

Sobajima Clinic has partnerships with the coordinator companies listed below regarding the acceptance of foreign patients.
If you wish to receive treatment at our clinic, please try to contact us through one of these coordinator companies.

We are partnered with a leading medical tourism specialist company in Japan. Please review the following clinic website content, and if you wish to proceed, click here to contact the clinic and feel free to inquire at the medical tourism specialist company’s website.
If you have any questions, you can also contact the medical institution by email. We will provide translations, so feel free to use your native language.

JTB Japan Medical & Health Tourism Center

Emergency Assistance Japan Co.,Ltd

Applicable diseases OA, RA, Chronic Pain

Treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and persistent neurological symptoms resulting from cervical and lumbar spine disorders, using Adipose-derived Stem cells.

Cutting-Edge Research A University-Clinic Partnership

Collaborating for Innovation: How Our Research is Shaping the Future of Medicine.

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Doctor Interviews

Encountering Regenerative Medicine: Discovering its Potential.
Asking Dr. Sobajima: An Insightful Interview.

Fresh and Cultured stem cells

Cell-based therapies @ Sobajima Clinic.

Stem Cell Bank Services

Adipose-derived Stem Cell Bank Services.