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Adipose-derived Stem Cell Bank Services

This is a service that preserves adipose stem cells for future treatment needs.

What is the Stem Cell Bank Service?

Human beings have an innate ability to repair. Stem cells play an important role in the tissue regeneration process. Among stem cells, adipose tissue-derived stem cells, which are hidden in the subcutaneous tissue, which are easy to extract and have a large number, have recently attracted attention. We provide treatment for many patients, including osteoarthritis, and the target diseases are expanding. Stem cells are currently used in a variety of diseases, pathophysiology, and preventive medicine, and are expected to be used in a variety of ways in the near future. However, while diseases and injuries at a young age are easily cured, diseases and injuries become harder to heal with age due to aging and a decrease in the number of stem cells.

The “Adipose Stem Cell Bank Service” provided by Medipreneur Co., Ltd., which is linked to Sobajima Clinic, collects healthy cells when they are young and healthy, freezes them, and makes them available when they are needed in the future (such as when they are sick or injured).

How to use the adipose stem cell bank

After giving a sufficient explanation and understanding, the subcutaneous fat (from the thighs, buttocks, etc.) of the person.Suction to be drawn. After that, the aspirated subcutaneous fat is collected by specialized staff at the “Cell Processing Center” set up in the facility, and stored for a long time in ultra-low temperature storage (minus 150 degrees Celsius or less). When treatment is necessary, it is thawed and administered to cells.

■Subcutaneous liposuction
The patient’s own subcutaneous fat (usually buttocks and thighs) is sucked in a short time.
A small amount of fat (about 10~20g) is sucked. Anesthesia is basically local anesthesia, and fat is collected safely and efficiently.

■Stem cell isolation
Isolate adipose stem cells from the aspirated fat. Stem cells are separated while sterilization operations are performed, and concentrated stem cells are purified.

■Adipose Stem Cell Preservation
The cells obtained by culturing are divided into several cells and stored. By dividing it into severaldoses, it will be possible to use your own adipose stem cells for various treatments in multiple doses in the future and receive regenerative medicine. (* A separate fee will be charged at the time of culture.) )